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it’s about time somebody told it!

“  The   TRUTH    is more important now than ever.”      ~ NY Times

The TRUTH is more important now than ever.” ~ NY Times

What is truth?


TRUTH is an original American musical inspired by the Life, Words & Spirit of SOJOURNER TRUTH, one of the greatest women in American history.

Based on the gripping autobiography, Narrative of Sojourner Truth, TRUTH resurrects the unique, empowering, uplifting presence of Sojourner Truth as Storyteller. TRUTH recreates Sojourner’s calling: to go from town to town, place to place, to change people’s minds by telling her own life story, the TRUTH about slavery. The audience is America, now and always, citizens and others who have come to the Fairground one fateful Fourth of July to hear Sojourner’s TRUTH and to decide the fate of the nation.

As she tells it, Sojourner Truth grew up in bondage in New York’s Hudson Valley for almost 30 years. She was a Northern Slave, unlike her famous contemporaries Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, who were enslaved in the South. When her freedom was promised her and then denied, she took her own freedom. Soon thereafter, she sued a white man to free her little boy who had been sold down South; then left with him for New York City where she eventually become reborn as a traveling Truth-Teller. A world-renowned speaker, homespun preacher and champion of emancipation, Sojourner was also one of the very first champions of women’s rights in America. Her most famous speech, “Ain’t I A Woman"?” (or “Aren’t I A Woman?”) was given at a women’s rights convention in 1851. Sojourner met with President Lincoln in the White House, conversed with many leading figures of her time, and was lauded by Harriet Beecher Stowe, who said Sojourner had the most remarkable “presence” of anyone she’d ever met. Sojourner lived through the Civil War and saw the proclaimed “end of slavery” well before she died. But she knew the nation had a long way yet to go.

And here we are. In an age of fake news, national division and simmering racial, class and gender-based tensions, TRUTH is a renewing balm for the heart and soul of America. Speaking and singing TRUTH to power, Sojourner takes the stage at our crossroads of crisis and decision, to proclaim liberty once again throughout the land, once and for all. Sojourner is a towering woman of Faith, an American Gandhi, sent to help heal the nation of its afflictions. TRUTH is a living, breathing testament of her Faith in action, making it a musical for America now, our urgent TRUTH time. 

With an uplifting, moving and rousing score, covering a wide range of American musical theater heritage, TRUTH stirs the soul and awakens the senses by making a Truthful joyful noise.

TRUTH speaks to the heart of what it means to be alive, to be a woman, to be determined, to be free. TRUTH asks, “What is true Justice and Liberty if not for each and for all? When will it truly come to be in America?”

“What will it take to truly embody the Holy Spirit of Love & Mercy, for ourselves, our brothers and sisters, and for all our fellow beings?”

The answer: Let us light the Flame of Freedom… with “TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothin’ but Sojourner TRUTH.”

 * * * *

TRUTH the Musical was created by KENI FINE.

TRUTH was presented at THEARC Theater Center in Washington DC in 2015 as a joint production of THEARC, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, and Fineheart Productions.

Songs from TRUTH - “Ain’t I A Woman?” & “Mama’s Goin To Freedom” - were presented at the United Nations in a special program on “Women & Human Rights” for the 60th Anniversary of the International Declaration of Human Rights.

TRUTH. It’s about time somebody told it.



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TRUTH the Musical

by Keni Fine

TRUTH song demos & other media are from a 2015 production at THEARC Theater in Washington, DC, a joint production of THEARC, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, and Fineheart Productions.